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This wine, made from 100% Syrah grapes, represents the second vintage of this single-variety wine.

It is made with organic grapes from the rural estates of La Cuestecica, on the property of Alto de Inazares, at an altitude of 1,373 m.a.s.l.
The kermes oak, which is depicted in the logo of the cellar, was planted in 1796 and gives its name to the "Loma de la Carrasca Alta" on which the vineyard is built.

These grapes have reached a high level of phenolic ripeness and were harvested by way of a rigorous cluster selection process in the vineyard. The extremely complex weather seen in 2018 resulted in practices that limited production (which was very limited), with clusters of just 550 grams per vine.

This is a limited edition of 953 bottles

The climate 2018*
* Of the grapes grown in the area
Winter runs until mid-April.There was hail in April, and sprouting was consolidated until the start of May. Spring that year was the coldest since 1953…

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The vineyard 2018*
* Of the grapes grown in the area
This year saw María José Fernández Llamas join our team. She incorporated her strategy into the design of the wines from the management of the vineyard. A diligent analysis of the results has begun in a quest for new improvements…

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The 2018 in crop

**Of the grapes grown in the area

The tremendous hailstorm that occurred in August affected the shoots that protrude from the netting, while the persistent rains that lasted until the harvest complicated the management of the vineyard, with its eight varieties, which require different types of attention.

Although the harvest was very meagre, the grape ripened fully and reached the cellar in very good condition.


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