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Alto de Inazares

Discover the Wine Club, know our wines and live unique experiences.

Discover the Wine club, know our wines and live unique experiences.

Who we are

As the owners of Alto de Inazares, we, the Prieto-Pina and Pina-Jover families, are stimulated by new challenges. On this occasion, we have embarked on this exciting project driven by the idea of creating unique wines using grapes grown under extreme conditions. To do this, we have chosen a natural and untouched enclave 1,373 m.a.s.l. in the region of Murcia (south-east Spain). As a result, in 2011 we established the highest vineyard in mainland Europe. This has been an adventure full of unknowns and risks. We would have to experiment with the ability of the vines to adapt to very rigorous climatic conditions and rocky soil (still virgin), in which wild fauna and climate would play a crucial role in determining the cultivation of the vineyard. As a reward for such harsh growing conditions, the earth has provided us with pleasant, fresh, aromatic, and balanced wines.

Grape variety

At Alto de Inazares our aim is to produce wines with identity, wines that express their origin: wines that tell the story of how the variety of grape used has tinged its aromas with the essence of the soil, the climate, and the environment around us.

After a thorough study of the grape varieties that could withstand these difficult growing conditions, we selected a grapevine originally from northern Europe that, as a result of the altitude, could adapt to a plot of land in the warm south.

This challenge has led us to be pioneers in the introduction of the cultivation of Pinot Noir in the Murcia region.

Our varieties
White: Viognier, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Verdejo
Red: Syrah and Pinot Noir


At Alto de Inazares, we produce honest wines. Wines that express the peculiarities of the plot by closely listening to what the soil and vineyard can offer us in a natural manner, and by way of traditional production methods that require minimum intervention.

This project is under the creative leadership of oenologist M. J. Fernández Llamas, who is involved in all stages of the production process: from the planting and harvesting of the vineyard, to the completion of the final product. In doing so she imbues the wine with her own personality,implementing her particular vision.

The property, which covers 2,85 Has., is made up of eight plots of land that produce very limited-edition wines (200 to 4,000 bottles) made with the dedication and commitment of an artisan.

Organic grapes

At Alto de Inazares, we work under the premise that respect for nature is crucial for the wines we aim to produce. For this reason, our vineyard is recorded in the catalogue of the Council for Ecological Agriculture of the region of Murcia. Activities on the property are conducted along the lines of a biodynamic farm, on which processes are carried out manually and in accordance with the lunar and astral calendar.

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