Pinot Noir


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Pinot Noir loves Inazares where it finds the cold that it appreciates so much.

This variety, typical of cold climates, finds its alternative to Burgundy in Inazares, being the only area of ​​Murcia where its grown is possible with success.

The cold of the place, together with the clay soil, allows the variety to be expressed with its own character.

This is a limited edition of 1,074 bottles

Certified Organic Wine


The CLimate 2021*

* of the grapes grown on the property

 The weather was very changeable ...

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The Vineyard 2021*

* of the grapes grown on the property 

The planting of the vineyard is completed with the fourth replacement since its creation in 2011...

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The Harvest 2021*

* of the grapes grown on the property

After 10 years of waiting, enough is harvested to make the first 96 bottles of Gewürztraminer and 45 of Riesling …

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