Blanco de Blancas


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This wine combines the unctuousness of the mature Viognier with an early harvest Chardonnay, which livens up this blend.

Ageing the vines on its own fine lees gives the blend a soft flavour and a lingering aroma.

Made with organic grapes from Alto de Inazares, sourced from the rural estates of Las Perreras and El Altico

It is a balanced wine suitable for any occasion.

This is a limited edition of 1,245 bottles

The climate 2017
Winter in Inazares was as per usual, with four snowstorms.
Winter in Inazares was as per usual, with four snowstorms. We had our first hailstorm on June 4. July that year was the hottest in Spain since records began in 1880.

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The vineyard 2017
We started the season with the late winter pruning, which ran from late March to late in the first half of April. In doing so, we were able to delay sprouting and prevent the first frosts of May from affecting production. We continued with a severe pruning.

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The 2017 crop
This year we were able to control the fauna, for the first time in six years. controlar la fauna. However, the fight against starlings has been fierce. We had to ...

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