The Climate 2020

September 2019 was a typical month in Inazares, despite the Dana in the middle of the month that devastated so many towns in Spain. Temperatures were moderate, ranging from 20ºC to 24ºC, with intermittent rain.

November saw moderate rainfall.

The winter was mild, with a minimum temperature of -6ºC and normal levels of rainfall. There was heavy snowfall at the beginning of 2020, the heaviest in the last 20 years, leaving more than 60cm of snow.

The first bouts of heat encouraged the awakening of the buds at the end of February, before dry pruning began.

March saw the start of a continuous cycle of rain that brought to mind the springs of more than 15 years ago. Days were cold, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 14ºC. The Inazares stream sprang up again with an unusual flow.

April was cold and rainy. We avoided the early hail that had been common in recent years.

The first week of May was warm and sunny.

In the middle of the month, we had eight days of continuous rain that produced six to ten litres of rain per day. Maximum temperatures were between 6ºC and 10ºC.

In weather terms, June is usually the most benign month. Rainfall was moderate, it was sunny, temperatures were mild, and the breeze helped keep the vineyard in optimal health.

The cereal harvest was very generous in the region.

July brought very favourable rains before the crop rest period.

From the moment of veraison onwards, the weather was dry. Maximum temperatures reached 34ºC, but there were no heatwaves.

The season was spectacularly good for the bunch, which grew healthy and vigorous. The harvest was expected to be more bountiful than in previous years.

There were no episodes of hail throughout the season except for a minor one that barely damaged the leaves, and did not reach the branches. As always, the nets fully protected the bunches. However, this did not prevent some moments of anguish, when the sky turned black overhead.

A whole year of effort is at stake.

The start of September was dry and warm with temperatures of 24ºC that remained stable until the harvest, which was concentrated in the second week of October.