The Climate 2016

The year began with copious snowfall on January 22.
However, the wind wreaked havoc once more, felling hundred-year old pine trees.

Spring brought with it another hailstorm, this one on June 23. We are putting in place the first netting in the vineyard, with the result that much of it has been saved. The rest was damaged, for the second consecutive year. Copper treatment was required to ensure rapid healing and prevent fungal infections.

It was a very dry year in terms of rainfall.

The most exposed hillsides used to grow savin and aromatic vines dried out.

There was insufficient water at Inazares to irrigate the crop in summer; the youngest seedlings suffered from water stress.
Thirsty wild boar marauded the area all summer, as did red deer and mountain goats.
For 12 consecutive days starting on September 1, we stood guard at night. We needed an expert hunter with dogs.
The starlings returned and did their worst. Despite the fact that the netting was put in place vertically, tied at the bottom, they have learnt how to get inside.
They have the same tastes as us. Again, they went to town on the crop the day before the harvest. This time, they caused less damage than in 2015. Even so, we lost 30% of the crop.
Spring brought with it a hailstorm on June 24.