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We do not endeavour to provide continuity to our wines. We act according to what each vintage suggests to us based on the pallet of juices we obtain from the various fermentations. As a result, it is possible that one or more of our wines cannot be produced again until a number of harvests later if similar conditions to those that allowed for their creation in the first instance do not exist. With this approach, our aim is to provide our clients and friends with singular, exclusive wines that contain a treasure trove of new sensations.

We produce wines of a single mix for each varietal, which identifies the plot of land from which it was sourced.

This provides us with the inspiration that guides us in our efforts to create and bottle well cared-for editions of 200 to 4,000 bottles of single-variety wines, assemblages, and coupages.

From the moment the grapes enter the cellar, we use an artisanal method of production to ensure the natural manifestation of the wine . During fermentation processes, which are staggered over a number of months, we taste, smell, and observe the patient transformation of the grape juice into wine a number of times a day. The process is carefully managed with the greatest respect for the essence that the grape has brought us from the vine.