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The Philosophy

Our philosophy

In Alto de Inazares, our leitmotif is:“Wine is made on the vine”, just as a Segureño roast lamb is prepared on the grass of our neighbours. We want to drink and share wine made with grapes that have the particular characteristics that our vineyard provides us with in a spontaneous manner. For this reason, we minimise our involvement in the cultivation and production process in a well thought-out manner. Our mission is limited to ensuring the best possible harmony between the vine and the plot, from which to obtain a grape that takes its best legacy with it to the cellar. It is as a result of this commitment that we take care of the vines, one by one and with great care, as if they were our children.

Perfect knowledge of each rural estate is essential to ensuring a good crop. The oenologist regularly tours the vineyard, from which he draws inspiration for subsequent work in the cellar. When the grape is tasted, before it is turned into wine, the colour, aromas, and everything that the wine will bring to the senses, is interpreted and carefully noted in their field notebooks.