Find out how to acquire the Majarazán 2016 through the Wine Club

A blend of de Monastrell, Syrah, and Pinot Noir

It was made with grapes grown on the rural estates of La Carrasca and La Tinaja, in the area of Vinazares, and on the rural estate of Aceniche in Bullas, the property of a close collaborator who shares our environmentally-friendly wine-growing practices.

Aged in a 500-litre French oak barrel for 8 months.

It was this wine that, in 2016, became the first wine from the Murcia region made from native Pinot Noir grapes.

The climate 2016
The season began with a harsh winter that brought winds of more than 120 km/h. The tool shed was lifted off the ground and landed 9 metres away.
Spring brought with it another hailstorm, this one on June 24...  

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The VineYard 2016
We began the season with the late winter pruning. With this practice, we delay the emergence of shoots and avoid the frosts of May, which caused so much damage in the first few years...

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The 2016 crop
The harassment by local fauna promoted us to gather the crop 10 days earlier than in 2015. In general, the grapes were ripe and had good colour; they were firm, the husks were of appropriate thickness, and the grapes had excellent sugar content. The white grapes had somewhat less sugar...

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